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IPL - Cricketing Genocide.

Friday, March 5, 2010 , Posted by Onward at 4:43 AM

7 days  to another instalment of World Cricket’s definitive budding present and unfortunate future. A week to another extravagant display of well proportioned cheerleaders, oodles of SRK sightings, the smiling toothy grin of Lalit Modi and an odd game of T20 cricket. The date March 12. The event – IPL 2010.

Ever since its inception 2 seasons ago, the IPL has stood for a fast paced, innovative, star studded version of the bat and ball game. By principle, its still 11 vs 2 and 9 to follow but when one filters in the shorter boundaries, the flatter pitches, bats the size of oak tree trunks, and add to it a small matter of a mere 20 overs, the dynamics as a whole change. The classical forward defences are no more, a well judged leave of the swinging ball – a thing of the past and a slash over third man to begin proceedings – customary.

For a lover of the classical such as myself, the IPL is to Test cricket what a batch of  shake shake fries are to normal salted French fries. It sets the cash registers ringing, and keeps one coming back for more but at the end of the day, the lack of substance becomes quite evident. A true joust between the kookaburra and the willow is something T20 will always lack. Most bowlers are mere minor accessories in what is an absolute batsmens power game. Flat bed tracks, lightning quick outfields, free hits and a gagging order on the bouncer implies a speedy death sentence for the man with the ball in his hand.

Where Modi’s brainchild does score is in the multitude of overseas talent that has been brought into this money making circus. Dazzling show ponies such as the Pietersens and the Steyns of this world combined with the local desi street talent makes for good improved viewership. And the return of the legendary Olympian Gods – Warne, Hayden and co takes it up a notch. Throw in a pinch of Bangla Ganguly arrogance and Dravidian perfection and the concoction is complete. It is absolute. Success guaranteed.

But how much of this success is for the betterment of the game? T20 is the golden goose. But the IPL is well and truly driving T20 cricket into overkill mode. There is a limit to the level of excitement sadistic constant bowler bashing can provide. For now fans the world over engulf the various coliseums to witness these killings, more young un’s perfect the slog sweep and the switch hit before the forward defence and the straight drive even comes into the picture, more and more prodigies drop the poisoned chalice of bowling in fear of the brutality it eventually falls victim to.

This term again Shane Warne will entertain, Sachin will mesmerize and Dravid will hold fort while all around him fall. Fireworks will set the skies alight and Priety Zinta’s smile will send hearts souring. And Lalit Modi will walk to the bank a happy man.

But this beautiful game of cricket is changing, T20 is the new tasty recipe and for now its lip smacking good. But one day, this soup too shall taste stale. What then Mr Modi? 5 overs a side?

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