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The Beginning...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 , Posted by Onward at 5:21 AM

"Follow your dreams, for as you dream you shall become"

Dreams are divine. Our dreams are the making of us. Its why one wakes up in the morning. Its that what makes one strive for more. To never stop, coz there is always another dream to realize. And it is one such unfulfilled dream that this blog is a result of. 

Sport has always been my biggest passion in life. Ever since i bore witness to Shane Warne stun the living daylights out of one bewildered Mike Gatting, Cricket had me hooked. Add to it the poetry in motion that is a Ryan Giggs run down the left flank culminating in an Ole Gunner Solskjaer deft finish and the burly power of a Shaq Attack on the opposition hoop with the lung busting 5 set games which were the trade mark of one long forgotten Michael Chang, one can say the connection was inevitable.

And that inevitability and that desire to be one with sports has brought us to this moment. The birth of 22 Feat 90. Whilst i cant spin it like Shane or bend it like Beckham, this lesser being can write. 22 feat 90 is my mark of respect to my biggest passion. My take on every minuscule event in the sporting world. My tribute to the likes of Peter Roebuck and Harsha Bhogle - One the greatest sports writer of our times and the other a hero to emulate. 

To emulate, one has to first begin. So this is the beginning...

Hello Sports Fans...welcome to 22 Feat 90.

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